How Granny Goose Happened.

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30 years ago, the world was a decidedly different place, Googling stuff wasn’t a thing, no one ate sushi outside of Japan and if you slept under a feather duvet, you probably inherited it from your Gran. 

All big things start with a small idea, first.

Granny Goose was idea was born out of necessity. Gaynor McVitty fell ill in her 30s, a life-threatening stroke meant a change of pace from a successful career in the high-pressure advertising industry. She had just married her then husband who owned the only feather processing facility in Cape Town. His factory imported feathers and down, processed these raw materials into various quality grades and re-sold different mixes to manufacturers.

Gaynor with her beloved pooches.

At the time, a pure down duvet was unheard of, anything that was available in South Africa was mixed with stalky low grade feathers. Gaynor decided to create a line of pure down and high down content duvets and pillows to elevate the options available to South Africans.

From home-based to hotel-esque.

The beauty of down is in it’s puff – unlike any other materials known to man, the gossamer down filaments have the ability to both trap air and breath at the same time, whilst remaining almost weightless. More comfortable sleep you will never have experienced, the market needed no convincing! Before Google and Ecommerce, Mail Order businesses were huge. Gaynor placed a small advertisement in Fair Lady Magazine – a call to action to cut off a little slip of paper at the bottom, detailing your order, and to send this off to Gaynor with a cheque in the mail. That month Gaynor turned a R10 000 investment in an advert into 15 times its worth.

The softest purest down clusters.

Local customers would visit Gaynor in her Cape Town home. So there, in her living room, she would craft someone’s perfect pillow with them right there to make sure she got it just right. The focus of Granny Goose has always been comfort both then and now. Gaynor comments that “so many people suffer from neck and back pain, and the fix can be a simple as a well-suited pillow!”.

Granny Goose grew in popularity via word of mouth and soon demand outstripped the capacity to make everyone’s dream duvet or pillow. Gaynor and her husband began a small factory of 30 staff to meet the demand for these luxury bedding essentials. It makes sense that the hospitality industry began to request custom made items from Granny Goose to be able to offer their guests a more luxurious sleep experience.  Today you’ll find Granny Goose in some of the finest hotels, from The Saxon, Arabella and most of the Tsogo Sun Premier hotels.

Your best rest is well within reach.

Granny Goose has grown and expanded with love from well slept South Africans. With a range of almost 25 different pillows and 30 different duvets, one can see that this customer-centric philosophy of tailored products remains the core of Granny Goose 30 years later. There truly is a solution to creating the best night’s sleep for absolutely everyone. Visit a Granny Goose Sleep Lab and find your own perfectly suited sleep luxuries by climbing into bed or having a custom-made pillow filled whilst you enjoy a cup of tea. Granny Goose remains a totem to South African production, with 300 employees putting together some of the best quality sleep products available to you.

Shop the finest down and feather bedding from Granny Goose here.

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