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A bar trolley can turn an empty living room corner into the life of the party. Thanks to the return of cocktail culture, these fun furnishings have become a must-have in your home. But a stylish bar trolley requires a little more attention than just placing the cart against the wall and filling it up with bottles. A bar trolley lets you put your style on display and showcase your favorite spirits and glassware.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need to fill every inch of the trolley with bottles, try to focus on the essentials. All you need are a few quality classic spirits, a set of cocktail tools and some beautiful glassware. If you have a large collection of wine or liquor, choose the best-looking bottles and store the rest in your pantry.

Use Accessories for Added Interest

Once you’ve got your basics sorted, it’s time for a shot of style. Color, pattern, and textures all come into play when styling your bar trolley. You can add these stylish touches with colorful straws, custom coasters and patterned cocktail napkins. 

Use Ingredients as Decor

Bring in pops of color with ingredients that you will eventually use to make a drink. Add natural elements to your cart with a vase of flowers that can be picked to be placed in your cocktails, a bowl of citrus to be used as garnish and a dish filled with snacks of walnuts or candies for your guests to enjoy.

Go Green

Fresh flowers or greenery are always a good idea. They’re a great way to bring the outdoors in and add a splash of color. Add a small bouquet for parties or make room for a permanent plant. Also consider growing herbs, such as rosemary, mint, or basil to decorate your cocktails with.

Adding the Extra Touch

Books are always a great way to decorate, as they add color and interest to any setting. Stack a few cocktail books on the lower level or use them as a base to elevate a vase or decor piece. You will have a wealth of cocktail knowledge at your fingertips, just in case you forget how to make the perfect Manhattan or Cosmopolitan.

Remember your serving style is just as important as serving delicious drinks to your guests.

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