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You are loving your new leather couch. Hold onto that feeling by caring for your leather right, ensuring it ages just the way it should.

Caring for full grain leather

Only 5% of all upholstery leather used throughout the world can be selected as full grain leather. These hides have not been sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove natural marks on the surface of the skin. The leather grain remains making the leather stronger and more durable. As such, rather than wearing out, it develops a natural patina over time.

Because of its rugged appearance, full grain leather requires very little, but important, care.

Wipe regularly with a dry, soft cloth to prevent dust accumulation.

Regular cleaning is not necessary with this type of leather.

Any moisture spilled on the surface should be dabbed immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth.

Never use polish, water, detergents or leather cleaners or conditioners on full grain, analine dyed leather as it will cause the two tone effect of the natural leather to disappear.

This leather is very sensitive to light and should be kept away from areas in direct sunlight.

This leather will improve with age however it should be fed with a hide food at least once a year. These will generally contain nourishing and softening agents.

It is recommended that a branded Hide Food be applied approximately 6 months after purchase. Do not use any other cleaning products.

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