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Keep your favourite velvet pieces looking as rich and plush as they day you bought it with these simple care tips.

For spills

A spill is not the disaster you think it is. All you need is a clean, super absorbent cloth or paper towel. Leave it over the spill and give it time to absorb all the liquid. Air dry after. Rubbing or dabbing at the spill will only drive the liquid further into the fabric.

For lasting sheen

Make your velvet fibres fluffy and full again by directing a steamer onto the reverse side of the fabric. Then dry brush over the area of concern, keeping the pile in the same direction.

For dirt and dust

A simple vacuum clean will keep your velvet fabric free of any accumulated dust or dirt. If you have one, use the specialized upholstery attachment for velvet. If you don’t have this attachment, fear not, a piece of pantyhose over your vacuum cleaner nozzle works just as well. This cleaning trick removes fuzz and furr too.

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