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Often left as a last thought, your carpets can make or break your space. Give them the importance and thought they deserve and see how they transform your space. Before you choose your carpets though, here are some tips for finding the right fit, from size to shape to colour.

For the dining room

When choosing a carpet for your dining room you want one that your fits dining table and chairs comfortably. Ideally your carpet should extend 24 inches past your chairs for easy movement in and out from under the table. Natural materials such as cotton or wool suit the dining space.

For the living room

The carpet you choose for your living room will have a dual purpose – adding to the aesthetic of your room as well as making the space feel cosy and comfortable. Choose softer but durable materials such as a cosy wool. Remember to have about 18 inches of bare floor space around the edges of your carpet to make the space seem larger. Carpets that are too small are one of the biggest decorating mistakes.

For the entryway

Your entryway carpet works harder than those in the rest of the house. Choose hard wearing synthetics for a longer lasting look. You will also want something that runs the length of this space. An easy way to find the right size is to mark out the space with some masking tape before you shop.

There are a few other considerations to be made when choosing your carpet. Style and colour comes out top of the list. Remember you don’t need to match the colour of your carpet exactly to the rest of your space. Rather look for similar tones. If you already have a lot of colour and pattern in your room you may want to choose something more neutral or at least a single colour.

That said, if your walls are all solid colours and your furniture is monotone or neutral a striking pattern will add depth and character to your space.

Another consideration when choosing carpets is the impact of your lifestyle. A home with pets and young children should have carpets in darker or neutral shades that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. A flat weave rug or perhaps a hide rug may be a better option. If you want something more luxurious look for a softer, higher pile.

Now, have a look here for your perfect carpet. 

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