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Master the art of dining in with the right dinnerware, from the everyday basics to the set you save for special occasions. Learn more about selecting the best crockery for your table with this concise guide.

Choosing the right material for your crockery

What is stoneware?

Stoneware is dense clay pottery that is baked at super high temperatures to make it strong and non-porous. Perfect for serving your favourite meal.

Often stoneware is given an extra protective coating or glass like glaze for style but also to make these pieces even more durable.

When you need a casual, chip-resistant set of dinnerware for everyday dining, stoneware is the ideal choice. Stoneware is slightly heavier and thicker than bone china and porcelain. As stoneware isn’t as strong as porcelain or bone china, take extra care when washing and reheating food.

Le Creuset has a traditionally designed range of stoneware that is perfect for oven to table cooking.

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What is Reactive Glaze Stoneware?

Reactive glazing in the process of firing the glaze at high temperatures creating a unique colour pattern within each piece of dinnerware.

Porcelain, what is it?

Although porcelain is as chip resistant as stoneware, it is produced using finer clay resulting in a thinner more translucent luxe feel in the finished product

While more affordable than bone china, porcelain is still very durable but with a slightly heavier construction. Porcelain dinnerware is break-resistant and is safe to use in dishwashers and microwaves. Porcelain has a more refined style that works well in formal dinner settings but can also be used every day.

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What is the difference between porcelain & bone china?

Both strong and elegant, bone china is known for its thin delicate-looking structure while being one of the most durable types of dinnerware available. With the addition of bone ash to porcelainmakes bone china less likely to chip and break.

The semi-translucent appearance of bone china makes it a beautiful addition to all table settings. Bone china is usually safe for use in a dishwasher but hand washing may be preferred.

Bone china dinnerware makes the perfect wedding gift as it considered heirloom quality.

5 essential crockery pieces for every table

  1. The side plate
  2. The dinnerplate
  3. The charger plate
  4. The soup bowl
  5. The dessert or cereal bowl

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Every meal is a beautiful occasion with our range of crockery and serveware designed by us with classic, timeless utility in mind.

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