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The first principle of great sleep is a good foundation and support.

Our @home range of mattresses were chosen to suit all sleep styles and levels of comfort, crafted and manufactured in South Africa so we can be part of the entire quality process to ensure ultimate support, comfort and durability.

There are five important considerations when choosing your mattress.


This refers to how hard or soft the feel is. Consider how much the mattress sinks in and whether it feels comfortable when you lie on it.


Ensure that the alignment of your hips and spine feels comfortable whe you are lying down for good support.

Motion Transfer

Test the mattress with your partner to determine whether their movement disturbs your sleep. Our Premier Pocket mattress is recommended for minimal transfer of movement.


Consider your space or the size of your room, whether you will be sharing the bed and your sleeping position.

We offer single, three quarter, double, queen and king in standard and extra length.

Tip: If you are over 1.7m tall an extra length mattress will give you more room to stretch out your legs and sleep so much better.


Frequency of use is important as it will affect the lifespan of your mattress.

Kids Room: Comfort Mattress

Guest Bedroom: Luxury Comfort Mattress

Main Bedroom: Elite Memory Pillowtop or Premier Pocket mattress

Manufactured locally in exclusive @home knit fabric

The tempered open-spring support system on all of our mattresses provides a firm foundation and enhanced posture support. A unique side support system increases comfort and durability.


Perfect for great support with added comfort and better moisture control

High-density foam foundation covered with soft fibre fillings for improved temperature and moisture control.

Turnable. 100kg weight-bearing. 1 year guarantee. 10 year warranty

Luxury comfort

Perfect for a firm yet comfortable sleep night after night.

High-density foam and fibre layers are covered with soft fibre fillings for improved temperature and moisture control.

Turnable. 110kg weight-bearing. 2 year guarantee. 15 year warranty

Premier Pocket

Perfect for a luxurious yet comfortable sleep experience.

Multiple layers of high-density foam with fibre fillings and super soft foam layers incorporated into the quilt for improved temperature, moisture control and comfort.

The unique pocket support system minimizes transfer movement and limits sleep disturbance from your partner.

Non-turn. 120kg weight-bearing. 2 year guarantee. 20 year warranty

Elite memory pillowtop

Perfect for improved temperature and moisture control plus added comfort.

A high-density foam foundation with an additional luxurious memory foam layer for exceptional comfort and posture support.

Non-turn. 120kg weight-bearing. 2 year guarantee. 20 year warranty

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