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Light is a powerful design element in your home. It can affect your mood, your productivity and the aesthetic of your space. Understanding the function of different types of lighting and how it can work for you is the first step in how to choose light for your home.

3 types of lighting: 

  1. Ambient lighting
  2. Task lighting
  3. Accent lighting

The function of ambient lighting is to light up an entire room and create general visibility such as a hanging light or chandelier. Task lighting is generally brighter and provides light for specific tasks like reading, cooking or working like a floor lamp or table lamp. Accent lighting is used to create a focal point in a space and can be a pendant lamp or a well-placed table lamp. 

Hanging Lights and chandeliers 

Depending on where you place them and which bulbs you use, hanging or pendant lights and chandeliers can serve different purposes. A chandelier in a lounge are can provide beautiful, soft ambient lighting. Hanging kitchen lights can be installed in a row above an island to provide directed task lighting for prepping and serving a meal.  

Table Lamps

Table lamps are versatile lighting options. They can be used with a bright bulb for task lighting or offer softer light and add to the decor of the area. Whether purely functional or part of your decor, choose a stylish design that compliments your practical space or go for a bold sculptural light that can serve as an eye-catching piece on a sideboard or entry table. 

Smaller glass and metal table lamps with a vintage feel lend a luxurious feel and can be strategically placed with a brighter bulb to highlight specific areas or decor pieces like indoor plants or artwork.

Floor lamps 

This elegant lighting option can become a focal point in the room and offer both beautifully soft ambient light, as well as task lighting for relaxed reading. Shop floor lamps here>

Choose the right lightbulbs 

Don’t underestimate the importance of selecting the right lightbulbs for your space. The light colour, brightness and shape of the bulb all contribute to the feel it will lend the room. A too bright or too dim bulb can make a big difference as well as a harsh, bright white light over a softer more natural warm white blub. If the fixture you have chosen allows the bulb to be visible, a vintage-inspired filament bulb can also add to the aesthetic of your space. 

Switching to LED light bulbs can also significantly reduce your electricity usage, especially in areas you leave lights on for long periods of time. 

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Form and function

Lighting serves an important purpose but can and should be beautiful too. The season’s trends include elements of marble, glass and metallics like gold and copper in sculptural and vintage-inspired designs to elevate your space. 

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