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Selecting the right outdoor furniture for your space can be a big decision. Prices and quality can vary hugely in this category so doing your research upfront and carefully considering your unique needs will help guide your choice. Ask yourself the questions below:

What will you be using the furniture for? 

Will you be using this area for relaxing or seated dining? A table and chairs are best for a structured dining area but wide and comfortable lounge chairs and corner units are best for chilled out drinks around a firepit or facing a beautiful view.

If you plan to enjoy drinks and snacks in your outdoor seating area remember to choose a coffee table or a few side tables for somewhere to place your items. 

Where will your furniture live? 

The placement of the pieces will guide you towards the right materials and styles. A covered patio allows more options while an exposed outdoor area like a lawn will limit your choices as the furniture will need to withstand harsher weather conditions. The surface the items are placed on will also guide you. Grass, stones decking or tiled areas will work better with different designs.

The Icon outdoor furniture range is ideal for your patio. Woven rope armrests bring a stylish touch to these practical 100% outdoor-rated pieces.

For a dining table set up, UV treated Polypropelene chairs are hard-wearing and come in a choice of designs and colours to elevate your outdoor set-up. 

The Cabo outdoor Teak furniture range is made not only to withstand the elements but also to age beautifully over time. The pieces in this range are made from natural Teak wood from Zimbabwe, which is strong, durable and highly resistant to warp, rot and insects. The perfect choice for exposed outdoor areas.

TIP: If your furniture is going to be placed on decking, make sure the legs of the tables and chairs are not too narrow so that they don’t wobble or slip into the grooves and gaps of the deck. 

What weather must it hold up to?

Weather conditions are completely different depending on where in the country you live or the location of your outdoor space. Harsh sun and wet or windy conditions, covered or open areas are all things to consider when choosing durable outdoor furniture. Look for weatherproof outdoor furniture that is specially designed and treated to handle the conditions in your area.

Wicker and cane furniture are beautiful and lightweight but it can blow around and even off your deck in high wind areas (hello Cape Town!) it also needs to be undercover and should not get damp or wet. The Malaga outdoor furniture range is made from solid aluminium which has a high-quality heavy feel but is still light enough to be moved around when you need to. Strongly consider choosing heavier outdoor furniture for windy areas. 

CARE TIP: Although the Malaga range is made to withstand the African climate, be it the soaking rain, scorching sun or freezing temperatures, to optimise the life of your investment, it is best to not leave it overexposed in direct sunlight or harsh elements. 

The best patio furniture for full sun should not absorb heat. Metal can get hot to the touch in direct sun, so wood is a great choice for warm and bright areas.

Are outdoor furniture cushions waterproof?

Wouldn’t it be great if outdoor cushions could always be left out? The reality is that even though outdoor cushions can withstand the elements to a degree if there is sustained rainfall you need to bring them inside or store them in a dry place. 

The Sunbrella range of cushions fits both the Malago and Cabo range and is made for the South African sun. The high-performance fabric is guaranteed against pilling, abrasion, loss of colour and loss of strength, perfect for outdoor cushions. As always, extend the life of your cushions by storing them inside or in an airtight storage box in very extreme weather conditions. 

Don’t compromise on style

Practical doesn’t have to mean ugly. Take the time to find and choose pieces that complement the style of your home. The @home range of outdoor furniture includes a wide range of elements that you can use to customise the look and feel of your space. From building your own corner unit shape from the Cabo range to choosing the colour of your cushions with the durable Sunbrella selection, you are not restricted to what comes with traditional patio furniture sets. You can even combine different materials like metal and wood to create your own signature style. 

See it as a long term investment

Investing in the best you can afford means a better quality piece that is more durable and in most cases includes a guarantee between 1 – 5 years on workmanship. Skimping on outdoor furniture will often only cost you more in the long run when it has to be replaced sooner than planned. Quality materials mean the items cost more but also that they are tested, durable and will give you many years of use when properly cared for. 

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