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Deciding on colour and design is a challenge in itself when investing in a beautiful carpet or rug for your home, but did you know that choosing the right size carpet is also a key element in achieving the right visual balance for a space? A too-small carpet can look out of place while a too big carpet can make a room appear smaller. The right size carpet can tie a space together and anchor the room. 

Standard sizing

With premade rugs and carpets there are usually some standard sizes available. Before you fall in love with a carpet that isn’t available in the size you need, measure your space and only look for carpets in that size range. 

Here are the sizes available in the @home carpet and rug range: 

160cm x 230cm

160cm x 220cm 

170cm x 280cm 

195cm x 300cm 

200cm x 290cm 

200cm x 300cm 

230cm x 340cm 

Size matters

The most common mistake people make is buying a too-small carpet. If you have a beautiful tiled or wooden floor, you may feel tempted to choose a smaller carpet to avoid covering it up. However, in the correct size the right carpet will accentuate and elevate your flooring. 

What not where

Instead of the size of the room, rather look at your furniture placement in the space to determine the size of carpet you need. 


If you love the flooring in your room and don’t want to cover it up, go for two smaller carpets on either side of the bed. If you want to make a statement and warm the room, go for either a large carpet that fits almost completely under the bed starting from below the nightstands and extending roughly the width of the nightstands on either side and double at the foot of the bed. You can also go for a smaller rectangular carpet that starts roughly two-thirds under the bed and extends evenly on the sides and bottom. 

Living Room

If you’re opting for a smaller carpet in the living room placed under a coffee table, the general guideline is that it should measure at least as long as or slightly longer than the couch. If you’re going big, make sure the carpet is large enough that the couch legs and any chairs in the arrangement can fit fully on the rug with some space on the side and behind the furniture. If your carpet is smaller than this, arrange the furniture so that only the front legs of both the couch and single chairs are on the carpet with the back legs off. 

Dining Room

It’s either all on or half off when choosing the right size for a dining table carpet. Your carpet should either be large enough that when the dining chairs are pushed back they stay on the carpet or if smaller that only the front legs of the chairs are on the carpet. 

DIY Preview

Carpets are usually big and bulky so trying them at home before you decide is tricky as it can be a real mission to purchase and return such a large item. Avoid buyers remorse and backache by using masking tape to tape out the area in the size of the rug you are considering. This will help you get a good idea of the size and how it fits into space before you decide. 

Rules are made to be broken

The final rule is that there are no rules if you love a carpet. Your space is all about what you love and makes you feel at home. So if you love a piece that doesn’t technically obey all the rules, go with your instinct and decorate your space your way. 

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