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lightsWhen furnishing a home, a common mistake is to choose comfort at the cost of style, or style at the cost of comfort. Factors such as life stage, the size of your living room, or a limited budget are often the reasons we compromise one or the other. 

Our team has worked hard to ensure that these two essential décor traits – namely comfort and style – can in fact live together with ease.

Here are a few ways you can marry comfort and style in your living space, and have fun while you’re doing it.

Living room

It is often said that a sofa is the cornerstone of a living room. This statement piece sets the tone of the entire space – making it vital to spend the necessary time and money to get it right. ‘Stylish’sofa can often be impractical, made with delicate, light fabric not suitable for everyday use.

As we spend more time at home, invest in a that will withstand all the spills and thrills that go hand in hand with a ‘cocooning’ lifestyle. Known for its comfort and durability, our latest Capri Custom leather sofa range – made to order – also adds luxury, style and sophistication to any room.  Leather is also versatile, making it a long-term investment that will always work, even if you change your colour scheme and scatters regularly. Speaking of colours and cushions, have a look at our for the latest autumn hues.

Living1 Living2

L-shape, corner units also offer extra comfort for those lazy days when you need to stretch your legs. If space is an issue, why not opt for one of our modern ?  We love the Wave extra length Sofabed, in grey – a sleeper couch has never been this stylish or comfortable!


Carpet comfort

With winter fast approaching, comfort is synonymous with warm, soft textures. If your living space has hard floor surfaces, add one or two lush carpets for that extra sense of luxury and warmth underfoot. We love the ultra-soft Samba Shaggy Carpet in silver, which is sure to make a statement as well as add style to any room.

living4 living5

Light your way

Putting your feet up with a good book and your favourite drink is the ultimate way to relax. The right lighting goes a long way to create a comfortable, cosy setting. Depending on your space and need, opt for a standing utility lamp or a trending hanging light to set the right mood.

As you prepare for winter hibernation, add these key pieces to your living space – ensuring a luxurious sense of comfort and style.

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