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Untitled design (4)Bring back the ease of entertaining with a sophisticated drinks trolley. We have decided to help you out on your quest to becoming the perfect host this summer, by greeting your guests with the perfect drinks trolley…

If your drinks trolley is a permanent fixture in your home, it’s best to make sure the item is a statement piece, one that brings a touch of elegance and glamour to any room. With so many different styles to choose from, opt for a trolley that suits your home and the atmosphere you wish to set for the evening. The Gatsby trolley offers an element of vintage appeal, one which will turn any setting into a formal one; where as a Tyson curvy drinks trolley will add a retro feel to your home with elegant gold designs, and is perfectly paired with any classic cocktail.  If you are looking for something unique, an art deco inspired drinks trolley will be the ideal fit with intricate patterns and a rustic finish.  For the ultimate entertainer and someone who is looking for a modern touch in their home, the executive drinks trolley is sleek and simple with clear panels and three tiers with plenty of storage space.  Best of all, once the festivities are all over any of these statement pieces can be used as bedside tables.

drinkstrolley_homewarestoreBefore the preparations for the evening, it’s a good idea to put together a shopping list to make sure you cater to everyone’s tastes. So, what do you need to stock your drinks trolley?

Pinterest is always the first place to consult when you are looking for some fabulous cocktail ideas, you are bound to spark some inspiration.  However there are some essentials that you need to carry on your drinks trolley, before you add your own unique twist. The top tray of your drinks trolley must be home to the basics, which you can use to make any drink: gin, white rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, brandy and wine will be more than enough of a variety.


The bottom tray is where you should keep drinks for later on in the night: champagne to be had during the dinner or for the toasts, and port or dessert wine to be enjoyed after the meal. Next up are accents to add to the basics, from soda water and fresh sliced lemons and limes, to cocktail cherries and sugar syrup – all of these will add the final splash of flavour to your drink. You will also need four staple glasses: tumblers, highball glasses, flutes and wine glasses.

Don’t forget that at least one guest will be fashionably late, so plan ahead to keep the rest of the party entertained and satisfied.  Bring out the iPod and play soft acoustic music while rolling out the fully stocked drinks trolley into the living room.

Once the lights have been dimmed and the last guests have arrived, the final question is: shaken or stirred?


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