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perfecthomeHave you ever walked into a store or home and felt instantly at ease, like the room is drawing you in? Adding an appropriate fragrance to each room in your home can do this, helping you to feel relaxed at all times.

There are many different types of fragrance holders and diffusers, each with their own purpose and range of scents. According to fragrance expert, Rayda Vega, a fragrance can add depth and character to a room. Here are some tips on which types of fragrance to use in your home and where.


A diffuser, also known as a reed diffuser, allows a fragrance oil to slowly evaporate through diffuser reeds, giving off the scent of the liquid. These are a great way to add constant fragrance, without the worry of having a burning candle in your room. Diffuser fragrances come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as scents. Some are designed to look like flowers or plants, such as this @home White Flower Fragrance Diffuser, and others have a more classic design, such as the Max Benjamin diffusers. They are great for the living room, with a subtle floral fragrance; or the bathroom, with a crisp linen or a stronger vanilla fragrance.

Room sprays

Gone are the days of using cheap aerosol toilet sprays in your bathroom! Instead opt for a room spray that has a light dispersion of droplets, which don’t settle on anything but still give the room a fresh scent. Try the Millefiori range of room sprays in Lemongrass or Vanilla & Wood. Room sprays are also great for spritzing on linen to give them that freshly washed scent after they’ve been in the cupboard for a while. Just make sure the spray is made for fabric so it doesn’t leave stains, like this Millefiori fabric freshener.


If it’s a bit of atmosphere as well as a fragrance that you’re after, then scented candles are a must. Rub your finger on the wax around the wick to release the scent of the candle before you smell it, and beware of candles with liquid beading on the top, as this means that the fragrance and the wax are not compatible. Try a Millefiori scented candle in White Musk next to the bath or a Max Benjamin candle in French Linen in your bedroom for when you’re reading before bed.

Sachets & scented discs

Other options for keeping your draws, cupboards and car smelling fresh and clean are scented sachets, cards and discs. Line your drawers with these luxurious scented cards from Millefiori, or hang a scented disc in your cupboard to keep your clothes smelling amazing. For a fresh, clean smelling car, clip this cute Bridgewater air freshener to your vent.

If none of these take your fancy, or you prefer to go organic, there are plenty of online recipes for natural diffusers and air fresheners, from olive oil candles to natural aroma simmer pots. Just make sure that whatever fragrances you use suit your style and taste, so you’ll always enjoy being at home and in your space.

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