How To Invest In Your Wellness This Year.

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Let’s make 2022 the year of you! Your wellness should be your #1 priority – becoming a happier, healthier you effects every aspect of your life, you’ll feel more energised and suddenly there are more hours in the day to do the things you love and see the people you adore.

The 5 pillars of wellness.

The cornerstones of a holistic wellness plan are making sure you have your best physical, nutritional, emotional, social interests in mind. Becoming the best version of you is all about making tiny little changes in each sphere that ultimately result in you leading a more wholesome, healthy life.

Wellness is all about making time for yourself.

Investment IS incentive.

Forming better habits can be hard but there is sound psychology behind treating yourself to make them stick! When we spoil ourselves, we feel cared for, invigorated, and this boosts our self-command – making habit forming easier.

Our healthy treat recommendations to get you started on your wellness journey:

Investing in quality sleep. Your sleep comfort is key to a healthier happier you. If you invest in only one thing this year make it that you wake up renewed.

Finding the perfect pillow and mattress for your comfort needs can make a big difference to your sleep quality and how you feel when you wake.

Get your best rest with our collection of pillows and mattresses.

Better nutrition. Sometimes getting your daily nutrients in can seem like a mammoth task. Soups, juices and smoothies are and easy way to get your RDA of all the good things without feeling like you’ve over-eaten.

Get blitzing with our collection of juicers and processors.

Juicing is an easy way to get your RDA of fruit and veggies.

More Me Time. Creating a quiet space in your home to refresh your mind is so important. Be it in a cosy corner of your living room, your bedroom or bathtub, getting to that sanctuary feel is what recharging is all about. Simple additions go a long way to upgrading your down time, we’ve got you sorted with these:

Schoonhuid bathroom luxuries is new to @home

More Us Time. Nothing beats spending time in the company of those most important to us. Meals bring us together and providing for friends and family is a lovely way to show our love for our people. Create more opportunities to treat your favourites to home-made cuisine with:

Movement. You really don’t have to sign up for a gym contract to get a little more exercise. Be it more time in the garden, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, a 15 minute yoga routine at the end of each day, or dancing while you clean house!

Add to your movement regime with the help of our smart home accessories like:

Changing everything at once is a daunting task, pick one small thing to work on and start there. Wishing you love, light and wellness in 2022!

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