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Winter is finally here and after a scorching hot summer, who would’ve thought we’d be chasing the warmth once again? The fact still stands that the rainy, cold weather makes our beds look all the more appealing. If you haven’t yet changed your bedding for the colder months, or just wonder how to make your sleep sanctuary even cosier, here are some tips and tricks to layering your bed:

Start with the basics:

The best way to ensure a snuggly haven is to make sure that you have great basics; we’re talking mattress covers, duvet inners, pillows and sheets. A good quality mattress cover does more than just protect your mattress; it also provides some extra comfort and warmth. Goose down is definitely an investment to make for the winter time and a great quality duvet can last for many years.

Change with the seasons:

The transition between Summer and Winter has a big effect on our sleep and what we look for in a good night’s rest, therefore it’s only fitting that our bedding would change too. Instead of light linen’s, opt for a snuggly brushed linen and throw, for extra comfort. You can also opt to size up on your duvet, ex. getting a queen size duvet for a double bed. This ensures that there will be no more cold nights, wrestling for your half of the duvet.

Add Extras:

After you have the basics covered, consider what you would add on your bed to make it a more versatile and inviting space. By adding a few larger pillows you not only add some drama, but you also create height in order to have that perfect sitting position for your breakfast in bed. Similarly, a throw or blanket at the foot of the bed can add a nice piece of décor but is also handy for those times you wake up needing some extra warmth. This blanket or throw can change with the seasons and for a super luxurious feel, why not opt for some faux fur in the cold seasons?

Find more inspiration on how to layer your bed in @home’s AW19 and Sleep Sanctuary Lookbooks.

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