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Self-care is the latest buzzword in wellness. While most people acknowledge they need more time to themselves, especially those who find themselves juggling many roles both professionally and in the home, it can be challenging to set aside and know what to do with that time. Self-care can look like many things and doesn’t have to be a spa day or a costly activity. Creating healthy habits at home is an easy way to start your self-care journey.

Why self-care matters

You can’t pour from an empty cup. This analogy is a great way to explain the benefits of self-care. A demanding job, busy home life and everyday worries put a strain on us, mind and body. Taking time out to recharge and ‘fill your cup’ as it were, gives you a hard reset and the refreshed mental energy you need to face everyday challenges. 

How to self-care at home

Start with taking just 30 minutes to yourself once a week. Make this time as non-negotiable as an appointment and use it to learn how to practice self-care without feeling selfish. Once you see the benefits of self-care to yourself and those around you it will feel easier and necessary to take this time. Choose a space with a door that can close or lock and make sure everybody knows that you are not to be disturbed for the time you have set aside. Avoid distraction by wearing headphones to play your favourite music or listen to a white noise track, this way you can carve out a sanctuary in any room of your home. 

Self-care tips in the bathroom 

Taking the time to regularly indulge in an uninterrupted beauty routine is a simple way to practice self-care at home. Run a bath or enjoy a shower followed by the things that take time like face and hair masks. Make these occasions feel even more special by listening to a podcast or reading a book. 

Self-care ideas in the kitchen

If you find cooking and baking relaxing, kick everyone out of the kitchen and enjoy alone time, uninterrupted in your happy space. Make that bake only you will like or indulge in an elaborate gourmet recipe you’ve been wanting to make for ages. 

Self-care tips in the bedroom

Spending time in the bedroom when it’s not sleep time can feel like the ultimate indulgence. Close the door, put your favourite essential oil in the diffuser and enjoy reading a book or binging a series from the comfort of your bed. 

Self-care with friends

Invite friends who leave you feeling lifted up and inspired to a regular meeting at your place. This could take the form of a wine club, supper club or even a coffee club. Any shared interest or passion is a wonderful way to leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated.

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