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Untitled design (6)It’s Christmas. The menu has been put together meticulously, the guest list includes those closest to you and it’s a sure thing that like every year, old memories will be shared and new ones will be made. Now to ensure that the table is set perfectly…

Get the basics right. Brush up on your table etiquette and make sure you’ve set out all the cutlery and crockery you will need, by following our handy table setting blueprint.


Dinner or lunch? Whether you will be hosting a formal dinner or a relaxed Christmas lunch will greatly influence how you go about setting your table.

An evening affair calls for a more formal and glamorous feel, with classic table linen, your best silverware and a selection of elegant glassware. Dust off your formal candle holders or candelabra to add a final touch of sophistication. Make sure you use different heights in glassware and stemware to add depth without bulk.

A daytime gathering often lends itself to eating outside, which makes it more relaxed and informal. Opt for little or no table linen, and typically less glassware and silverware will be needed too. Natural elements such as wood and pretty greenery can be used as centre pieces and candles are seldom a necessity.

Tip: When planning your flowers and centrepieces, keep in mind that it should be tall enough to talk under, or short enough to talk over.

Choose a colour palette. Long gone are the days of being limited to green and red when setting the festive table. Match your favourite colour with gold and silver accents to create a festive, yet personalised look. Touches of gold mixed with earthy tones of nude, brown and green are all the trend and work especially well for a more relaxed daytime celebration.

Set the mood. Use candles and strategic lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We love this selection of hanging décor LED bulbs –  made to look like an incandescent bulb, they can easily be hung above the table. (include photo)

Places everyone! Make your guests feel extra special by giving thought to your seating plan and making a name card for each person.  It can be as simple as hand-writing their name on card, or you can design and print cards specially for the occasion.

Tip: If you are hosting someone for the first time, make sure you have the correct spelling of their name.

Don’t forget the crackers. What would a festive table be without crackers? It adds colour and sparkle to any table and brings out the festive cheer. Place one per person.

Give yourself enough time. Make sure you have everything you need (polished and ready to be used) the day before your party and give yourself at least one uninterrupted hour to set the table on the day. If you know you are going to have your hands full, ask a family member or friend to come an hour earlier to specifically help you with setting the table.

Tip: Do a trial run a few days before and take a photo of exactly how you want it, so that you and others can refer to it on the day.

Now all that is left for you to do is take a moment to enjoy your handiwork, sit back and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones.


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