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Have a less than large space? Wish it were bigger? While we can’t make that space physically bigger there is a lot that can be done to give your space the illusion of more space.

Break up your space

It may seem counterintuitive but breaking up or dividing your space into smaller areas that can be for different purposes can actually make your home feel bigger. It also gives you more privacy especially if you share your space with a friend or significant other. Choose dividers that also have a function such as a bookshelf.

Don’t push your furniture against the walls

Moving your furniture into the middle of the room creates a cosy living space and pulling your furniture just a little distance away from the walls actually creates and illusion of more depth, and space.

Keep it clutter-free

When you have a small space any clutter has an immediate shrinking effect. Keep your space clutter free and looking roomier with good storage solutions. Storage can range from a good bookshelf with plenty of storage space to functional items such as boxes, baskets and bowls to keep all the smaller pieces in one neat place.

Furniture that suits smaller spaces

Maximise your space with furniture pieces more suited to smaller spaces. An L-shaped couch works well to create a cosy living space. Rule of thumb when choosing a couch for a small space, the simpler the better. Nesting side tables are perfect for moving around and using as needed. As console table can be used behind your couch as an extra surface for a lamp or décor. In the bedroom a headboard takes up little room but has a big visual impact. Choose armless chairs for the dining room as they fit under the table taking up less floor space.

Choose a clean colour scheme

While an all white room can look cold in a larger home, in your smaller space it can make it seem airy and inviting. Choose just one or two colours as accents. You may choose a neutral palette or black, grey or even wood or a brighter palette. The key though is to limit it to one or two pops of colour to avoid a space that looks too busy or cramped.

Add plants

Make use of your walls with vertical planters, or your ceiling with some hanging air plants for an instant feel of calm and peace, perfect for a smaller space.

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