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If 2020 taught us anything, it was how to appreciate all the good things. But that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to making life that much better with a few easy tweaks.

Here’s what we want to do better this year, for ourselves and for you.

Sleep better

Sleep is so important to our overall health and wellbeing, yet it has been neglected by so many of us for way too long. This year we are going to take our sleep that much more seriously, choosing better bed linen and duvet inners so that we are comfortable all night long, finding better sleep routines to help us wind down for better and deeper sleep.

Eat better

We only just got started in the kitchen last year, rediscovering the joys of homecooked and healthier meals. This year we plan to do more cooking, more juicing and more baking than ever before. And we are doing it smarter taking our inspiration from age old traditions and smart new technology alike.

Work smarter

We all realized how efficient we can be working from home and loved being closer to our families and in our own spaces. We also realized we miss the face-to-face interactions with our colleagues. This year we are looking for that balance between the two. We are making our workspaces safer and more comfortable, easier to work in while also keeping some time for mini breaks and human interaction.

Breathe better

More than ever, we have realized the importance of every breath. And the importance of good, clean and fresh air. We are choosing the best of the best in air purifiers and humidifiers to help us breathe easier and so we can rest assured our homes are as healthy as we would like them to be.

Take better care

The stresses of the last year have highlighted the importance and need for better self-care. We all need to take more time out to look after ourselves, both physically and mentally so that we can have the strength to take care of others. So this year we promise ourselves more relaxing baths or showers, more time-outs and pamper sessions, to exercise more, to try meditation, to eat better and to spend more time just enjoying the now.

Choose better

If we take anything away from this time, it should be that our home, the earth, is in serious need of some love and care. This year we are looking for ways to choose better, not just for ourselves but our planet too. We choose quality over quantity, sustainable over once off convenience. Choosing better is a journey and we hope we will be learning and doing more on this journey together.

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