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With the changing 9-5 work schedule, working from home is becoming more  routine, whether you use your home office as your permanent workspace or simply to catch up on something you need to get done, here are our top five tips to  curating your hub of creativity:

Choose your space

It is important to choose the right space when curating your workspace, choose somewhere with good natural light, that is quiet and as far away from distractions as possible, you probably already have a room in mind, where you naturally gravitate towards when getting work done currently.

Writing Surface

Probably the most important piece of furniture you’ll have will be your desk or work surface. Whether you select the Shagreen Sharron Desk, or Chloe Desk it should be large enough and the right height to comfortably do your work. To make the most of the limited space, have our industrial, or concrete floating shelving installed behind your desk so books and supplies will be easy to reach.

Sit in Comfort

Whether you choose the glamorous velvet Serina Office chair or the velvet Omni Office chair select one that is comfortable, the right height, and provides proper back and arm support for the type of work you will be doing. If you like to put your feet up, have a small footstool under your desk.  Another important thing to remember when curating your space is that your computer keyboard is at the right height for easy and comfortable use, so adjust your chair and sit in comfort for as long as you need.


It’s extremely important to have proper lighting in a home office. To reduce eye strain, have sufficient lighting for the work you do, and the space you are in. If you work late or have limited natural light opt for the moody black and brass floor lamp or sleek and sophisticated desk lamp, allowing you to work longer, without harming your eyes.

Add Colour

Add personal and colour to make the space more inviting, with bold coloured velvets or exotic dark greens, you can use this space to escape, and let your creativity flow.

By planning your home office space, getting it organised, and decorating it to express who you are, you’ll enjoy it more, work more efficiently, and appreciate being at home. You’ll have the perfect creative hub to tackle any task.

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