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1Choosing the right fabric, colour and style for your window curtains can make a big difference to the ambience of a space, and they are a key part of your room’s style and colour scheme. If you feel like mixing it up and getting a different look for summertime, then a new pair of curtains can do the trick.

With the considerable price difference between custom made and off-the-shelf curtains, it’s worth doing some research and investing in high-quality shop curtains if your budget allows for it. When deciding on what will suit your home best, keep in mind that your curtains should not only look good, but they should also be functional. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding what style to go for:

4Texture and fabric

Deciding on the texture is an essential part of choosing your curtains. Start by considering the mood of the room and what ambience you want to create. For a casual and relaxed atmosphere, cotton and sheer natural linen will bring a crisp and stylish feel that will work with any décor. If you’re going for a more formal and classy ambience, mottled texture curtains can create an inner space that is private, contemporary and sophisticated.

Deciding on the colour of your curtains can be tough and overwhelming when you have so many options to choose 2from. To narrow it down, start by deciding whether you want the décor to pop or for the curtains to blend in with your existing interior.

If the purpose of your curtains is to blend in and finish off the room, a subtle colour just a few shades darker than the walls will work best. However, if you’re looking to add that wow factor to a room, go bold and pick a colour that still suits the rest of your style but stands out just enough.

Tip: in a space where the sun will shine through unlined curtains, keep in mind that the colour of the material will infuse the room.


When it comes to prints, the general rule of thumb is that solid-colour curtains usually work best if you have patterned furniture or elements in a room,. For a subtle hint of style, add a small, neutral print like dots or stripes which will appear textured from afar. If you’re looking to brighten or style up a room with an extra accessory, then go for a printed fabric curtain. Whether it’s in your bedroom, guest room or living room – a stylish curtain won’t go unnoticed.

All that’s left to do now is draw the curtains open and take in the fresh sights and sounds of summer!

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