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Your home is more than the walls, roof and furniture inside. It is a showcase of who you are and your life, full of special moments and memories.

When you choose your furniture and décor, you want to be able to envision how those moments will play out on and amongst them.

This season @home embraces enduring design with mid-century and classic contemporary furniture, good quality and a sophisticated aesthetic.

We invite you to take these designs and imagine more for your home.

We celebrate sleek minimalist silhouettes that evoke calm zen spaces, layering tactility and the use of natural accent décor.

Our tailor-made furniture, both contemporary and classic, is inspired by the best design principles – authentic, beautiful and progressive. Finished in lustrous velvets and upholstery fabrics with tactility like soft worn leather, buttoned and tufted couches, exposed artisan seams and raw linen.

Warm brushed metal details add a modern glamorous touch. Black industrial fine metal-framed furniture modernizes interiors with a non-gender feel.

Botanicals and exquisite home fragrance complete the experience, creating an overall sense of wellbeing.

Three main style collections come through this season: Contemporary Mix, Contemporary Luxe and Contemporary Classic.

Contemporary Mix is a look all about the attraction of opposites. The mix of textures, finishes and contrasts create interest and give life to your space.” says Renee New, head of @home Marketing. Renee loves the look of her slick new metal and glass coffee table paired with a favourite worn-in leather couch.


Contemporary Luxe offers just the right amount of glamour balanced by a strong dose of comfort. Says @home VM Manager Jake McAllen, “The art sits in balancing enough of the more decadent pieces mixed with toned down and clean lines to give you that up to date but timeless style.”


Contemporary Classic is the interplay between the past and the modern, forging a new classic style. Says Karen Brumfield, Head of @home Buying, “The look is about modern glamour with relaxed comfort. Luxurious layering and sophisticated textures purvey an air of serenity and calm.”


We’ve also focused on Small Spaces this season, maximising spaces with clever multi-functional pieces and soothing, even toned palettes and materials that create the illusion of depth and breadth in your home. Says @home Furniture Buyer Ntwenhle Linda, “By curating my space with versatile, moveable pieces, I made my apartment work for me. From the extra shelving under my staircase to the ottoman that doubles as a coffee table when friends come to visit.”


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