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In home greenery is vital for bringing a space to life, and no home décor is truly complete without house plants and a vibrant hit of indoor greenery. But for most a scene of wilted, brown leaves and no answers to be found is all too familiar. Was it the light? Did I use the right soil? Did I water it too much… or too little? You may feel as if you have a brown thumb, don’t give up! Follow our top picks and tips to add colour, structure and energy to your home regardless of whether you are a green guru or botanical beginner.

The Succulent

Succulents are independent, happy being left alone spending the day in a sun-drenched window, we guess you could say they are the cats of the plant world. There are endless varieties of succulents to match your own personal taste! These fuss free plants need no more than a sunny spot and some water bi-weekly.

Top Tip: Fill a bowl with some water and place the plant in it, letting the roots drink for about a half an hour.

The Hanging Plants

These are perfect for smaller homes, plants grown in hanging baskets don’t take up floor or counter space, and not to mention the various beautiful ways they can be displayed. Whether suspended in ceramics or hovering in a metal and leather hanger there are options to suit every home.

Top Tip: Although relatively fuss free ensure your hanging plants aren’t in direct sunlight all day and are watered on a twice-weekly basis.

The Air Plant

What is an Air Plant, you are probably wondering? Well an Air Plant is simply a botanical that gets majority of its nutrients from the air. Meaning that these super low-maintenance plants are the perfect addition to any space, and a nice green pop of colour regardless of the time of year.

Top Tip: When you first buy an Air Plant, soak it for 30 minutes, and then allow to dry completely, overnight, while upside down. In the morning, simply flip your plant over so it’s right side up and place it into its new home.

Not only will these 3 types of plants be fuss free, but they are also great from a décor aspect, they purify the air, make you feel responsible, look impressive to friends and family, and can even reduce stress and up concentration. It’s worth it, and we promise even the botanical beginners can do it! Shop @home online and in store to add an Evergreen touch to your space with our wide range of faux botanicals.

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