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Bringing the outside in with luscious plants can be an easy task and an excellent hobby.

You can be successful with indoor gardening from the very start, by buying the right plant for the right space. Don’t try to grow a sun-loving plant in a dark room, while putting the shade lovers in direct sun.

Select the right plant for your space

Before buying your new indoor plants, check out your space for where the lighting is best, where the temperature stays neutral and how big you’d like the plants to grow.

Get to know your plants

It is super important to read the instructions tag when buying indoor plants. This tag is your instruction manual on your plant, letting you know how much light or shade it’s going to need, when and how to be watered and what nutrients it will require.

How often should you water? 

Gardening experts say once a week. But don’t forget, every plant is unique and will require a slightly different approach. Beware of over-watering especially during winter as indoor plants require less water during the colder season. 

Choosing the right pot for your plant

Remember to consider when choosing your plant’s pot that looks aren’t everything. Yes, the aesthetic look of the pot is extremely important but don’t forget the size your plant will grow and its individual requirements. For example, glass containers look beautiful but can hold onto more water than a desert plant/cactus would like. 

Plants are more than just decor

Many plants have functions other than looking beautiful in your home. Certain flowers can add calming scents and reduce stress, herbs can be used in cooking and overall plants purify the air leaving your home feeling clean and fresh.

Follow these easy tips with indoor gardening and you’ll have a green thumb in no time!

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