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The bedroom has become so much more than just a place to rest at night. Its function has shifted to a multipurpose room that serves as a home office, a space to unwind, a place to watch, read and even exercise. So how do you go from work to sleep in the same space? Creating routines and rituals that touch on all the senses allows a change of pace to transition your functional day space into a relaxing sleep sanctuary in the evening. 


Soften the lighting at the end of a long day to transform your space and your mood. 

Mark the end of your day by drawing the curtains, starting with a sheer layer to gently soften the light and wind down. When it’s time to sleep, opt for block out curtains to completely shut out the light for a deeper rest. 

Beautiful mirrors not only add elegance to your evening self care moments but also reflect light and create a sense of depth and space in smaller spaces.

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A soothing scent sets the tone for total relaxation and shifts your mindset to rest mode. 

The ritual of lighting a candle is the perfect way to switch gears. Scented candles offer both light and scent to transport you to a place of calm. 

Electric diffusers lend aesthetic appeal to your space with their soft lighting options. The gentle sound of water diffusing into a light mist while emitting a subtle scent offers you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your bedroom. 

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Include soothing sounds into your relaxation routine to set the tone for the evening ahead. From ambient sleep music to rainforest sounds, our curated playlist has your best rest in mind. 

Choose stylish audio equipment that compliments the decor of your space.  Listen to the right music and sounds to prepare for a restful night. 

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An organised and decluttered room is essential to create a sense of calm in your sanctuary. 

Keep your night stand clutter free by storing night time essentials neatly in drawer dividers and ensure clear floor space by keeping scatters and throws in organised baskets. 

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Cocoon yourself in luxury and indulge in textures that encourage rest and relaxation. Layer your bed with cosy brushed cotton sheets, silky Egyptian cotton duvet covers and super plush faux fur throws. Complete the space with a cushioned headboard. 

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