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South African winters range from freezing cold to mild depending on where you live in the country. Finding the right winter duvet inner depends on your budget, whether you sleep with a partner and how cold your bedroom gets at night. Consider these important factors when finding the right fit for your winter sleep space. 

Duvet Inners for Mild Winters

South Africans with milder winter climates like Durban may find the wrong duvet too warm even on the coldest winter evenings. Choosing a natural filling like down will go a long way to ensure breathability but those with warmer winters should consider sticking with a duvet inner made for Summer then layer a blanket over the duvet for added warmth. Tencel is also a good option for warmer climates with a natural fibre fill that is soft, hygienic and warm. 

Duvet Inners for Extreme Winters

If you live in a place where temperatures become extreme in South Africa, like those small platteland towns surrounded by snow capped mountains, you will need a duvet inner designed for extra warmth and cosiness. Duck and goose down are great natural fill options that offer warmth without creating too much weight. Most duvet inners are a mix of down and feathers and as a general guide, goose offers more warmth and comfort than duck. Both options are an excellent choice but if you’re looking for a long term investment go for the highest percentage of goose down you can afford. 

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Duvet Inners for Varied Winters

If you find yourself in a part of the country that goes from icy temperatures one week to warm the next, an All Seasons Duvet Inner may be the right choice for you. 

All Seasons Duvet Inners allow you to adapt one duvet inner set to suit your needs. Clips down the side allow you to join two together or use each one separately. For chilly South African winters clip both together for ultimate warmth and comfort and adapt as you need as the temperatures rise and fall. 

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Winter warmth on a budget

Duvet inners can be a costly outlay. While a good quality inner should be seen as a long term investment, sometimes a budget friendly option is required. Made from fibre that’s lightweight and a great alternative for allergy sufferers, micro-fibre inners are an affordable choice to keep you warm in winter and all through the seasons.

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