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Image2A holiday home is typically a place where you go to unwind. A space where you can be who you are, unrushed and uncluttered. A space where family and friends can sit back and enjoy the simple things in life.

Here are our top five tips on how to keep your holiday home the relaxing retreat that it should be, for both you and your loved ones. 

Nature nurture

Nothing inspires and invigorates like nature. Invite nature into your holiday home by incorporating earth inspired materials, patterns and colours. A quick win is to add a few fresh scatters to the space which you spend the most time in. We love our new range, with ethnic and warm earthy tones.

With winter in mind, why not introduce ethnic patterns and materials with a new carpet or rug in your living area. It’s easy to clean, durable and creates a sense of warmth with soft textures underfoot.

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Make a meal of it

Holidays are synonymous with lazy lingering mealtimes, where special moments are shared and memories are made. The comfort and functionality of your dining room table and chairs are therefore something to consider. Opt for ultra-comfy and versatile seating like the Nora Carver or the Adam Rocket Armchair. Make sure your table is spacious and the surface is hard-wearing. We love the light and simple Loft Dining Table (in walnut & white), as well as our Ivory Dining Room Table – ideal for outside dining.

Comfort is king

When lounging on a couch and curling up under a cosy blanket are the only things on the agenda for the day, it’s vital that your living room is as comfortable and welcoming as can be. Choose furniture pieces that are durable and will wear well over time, whilst being natural enough to serve as a neutral backdrop for any colour scheme. We love  Lazy Lounge Sofa in natural. If you’re not yet ready to replace your existing  couch, simply cover it with a stylish throw for a cost-effective makeover.


Another shortcut to adding comfort is to have enough fluffy blankets readily available in your living space to encourage lazy reading and afternoon naps.

Slow cooking

On holiday, cooking changes from being a daily chore to an unrushed opportunity to express your culinary creativity and explore different taste adventures with those you love. Make sure your holiday kitchen is well equipped with everything from must-have utensils and quality cookware, to beautiful serveware and  platters to add that finishing touch to your table.


Bathroom bliss

Change your bathroom into a mini-spa by simply adding a few key luxury items. Invite nature inside with our wide range of calming Home Fragrance diffusers. Our new incredibly soft Ultima towels – made of a special blend of cotton and sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo – will make you feel like royalty. Whether you prefer a lingering bath or a refreshing shower, stock up on our new paraben free Earth Scents body care range for ultimate nourishment and pampering.

At the end of the day the most important thing is to create a space that you feel calm, happy and at home in; and to ensure that your guests feel just as much at home when they come to stay.







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