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We enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence all around us but for many we can’t live in the middle of nature. So the next best thing is to find creative ways to bring outdoor living indoors.

The most common way of including nature in our home is with potted plants and fresh flowers, but there are so many other possibilities for bringing outdoor living into our homes.

Bring in Earthy Textures – Find textiles and accent pieces that mimic nature’s colors and patterns. You can achieve this using textiles such as wicker, wood and rattan, as well as using natural and earth tones colors. An accent piece like a wood slab coffee table or a slate stone countertop are chic, yet refined ways of embracing organic textures.

Focus on the Perfect Palette – When you’re opting for a nature-inspired approach, the colors you choose heavily depend on the natural theme you’re leaning towards and A lot of what makes nature so appealing is its beautiful colors. If the coast is your favourite, soft tans, grays, and the lightest of blues are a good way to go. Forest-lovers will love deep greens and a multitude of browns. Desert dwellers will find respite in ochres, rusts, and muddy reds. 

Cultivate a Living Wall – You don’t need lots of shelf or floor space to start an indoor garden. Hanging planters become a statement piece on their own, and the serenity of a lush garden can be easily translated into an indoor version. You can create your own living accent wall by hanging up a variety of pots filled with your favorite plants. Whether you select moss, succulents, or herbs – it’s a fresh take on bringing greenery indoors.

Think Outside the Planter – Don’t settle for those plastic planters that your plants come home in, make a statement with an unexpected planter! Available in every material you could think of, choose a planter that speaks your style, from modern cement molds to rustic wooden boxes. 

Garden Fresh – Always have low-maintenance herbs on hand in the kitchen for easy cooking. A sunny windowsill is all you need for a mini herb garden in the kitchen or dining room. We recommend a combination of basil, parsley, thyme, and oregano potted in their own containers. 

Exotic Aromas – Smell is another big part of what makes nature so appealing. Adding some inspiring aromas such as patchouli incense, floral potpourri or seaside scented candles will all work well in your new natural space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all of the wonderfully scents that nature has to offer.

Fill Empty Space – When furniture doesn’t fit in a small or oddly shaped nook, fill the space with a plant to completely transform the look. If a large plant or tree is too bulky, use a plant stand to add height to frame.

Faux Real – If all else fails, and you don’t have a green thumb, try faux plants or flowers. From topiaries to succulents and colorful blooms to mature trees, fake plants look fresh all year round. Make sure to choose a planter or vase that complements the shape and size of the faux plant, and add rocks, moss, or even soil to create more of a natural touch.

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