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When it comes to quality home care appliances, a few brands stand out, and Dyson is at the top of the list. They changed the game of vacuuming with their powerful cordless range and are synonymous with industry-changing innovation and design. Their groundbreaking appliances though, come with a hefty price tag. The question is, is a Dyson worth it? We explore the Dyson difference. 

Why choose Dyson? 

Innovation is at the core of the Dyson brand. The company invests time and money into research and development, which means they are able to produce truly innovative and groundbreaking appliances. Founder James Dyson is a visionary who is passionate about finding solutions to problems and this drive at the core of the business has meant that their offering is cutting edge, easy to use and simply put, works better. Dyson’s ambition is to produce the best in class or nothing, in each product range it enters and to strive for perfection before releasing a new product, which means you’re almost guaranteed a Dyson appliance is going to impress. 

The Dyson warranty

All Dyson appliances come with a 2-year warranty. Check the terms and details, but a warranty on parts gives you peace of mind on your investment purchase.

Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson was the first to offer bagless vacuum technology in 1993.

Today, Dyson vacuum cleaners all use cyclonic separation technology to remove dust, allergens and other particles from the air, making their entire product line one of the most superior on the market. This technology enables the air inside of the cleaner to spin at very high speeds and bagless technology means a stronger suction too. 

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Dyson air purifier fans

Dyson may have produced the world’s most beautiful fan. Its bladeless design offers a sleek modern look that provides cooling and purifying with minimal noise. It purifies all year round with a HEPA filter and cools in summer with a quiet oscillating function to project and circulate clean air across the room. 

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Dyson hair care

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The Dyson Airwrap is an internet sensation with a cult following, endless video tutorials and reviews. Like everything Dyson puts out, this is something that is likely to change the game of hair care and styling forever. Check it out here

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Is Dyson worth it? 

The short answer is yes. The upfront investment is steep, but if you are able to splash out, you will certainly enjoy a superior experience in ease of use and quality of the product. 

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