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square2To really benefit from a healthy juicing lifestyle, allocating certain nutrients to specific times of the day can make all the difference. For instance, knowing when to have fruits for an energy boost, or adding certain superfoods to get those extra nutrients.

There’s more to juicing than meets the eye, and we have the inside scoop on whenit’s best to drink certain fruits and veggies.

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Time and Place

If you’re new to the whole juicing thing, there are a few simple rules you can follow to get you started:

  • Juices are not a meal replacement, but rather a nutritional boost
  • Always drink them on an empty stomach or 60minutes before your next meal
  • Limit yourself to maximum one piece of fruit per juice
  • Use a variety of ingredients to get an array of vitamins
  • Know that there actually is a time for everything, even vegetables.

Get up and GO!

shutterstock_256638091Two words are synonymous with this kind of juicing lifestyle: green juice. As any dietician, foodie or nutritionist would advise, green vegetables are the best for your health, even more so when you juice them. Reason being that you’re able to consume more when you’re drinking instead of eating them.

By starting your day jam with healthy good stuff, you get that phenomenal zest for life you need to get through your daily to-do list. Furthermore, your body absorbs the most nutrients when it’s hungry. So, if you’re only going to have one juice a day, this is the time to drink it.

Your green juice should contain – well, the good green stuff.But there are certain ingredients that you should definitely try and have regularly, such as:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Cucumber

Apples or carrots are also excellent additions for those who have a sweet tooth.

Midday Mover

Sometimes having a pick-me-up at lunchtime is just what you need to fight off the afternoon slump. For a quick on-the-go oomph boost, we highly recommend that you pack your juice with:

  • Carrots – an energyreplenisher
  • Spinach–a nutritional kick
  • Beetroot – an aid to digestion
  • Tomatoes–thenatural disinfectant

If you’re tempted to add sweeter fruits you can do so with your lunch juice. However, this is your last healthy opportunity in the day to splurge, because your body needs a number of hours to break down sugars.

Slow down for Sleep

A juicy nightcap can help you calm any nerves that were stressed during the day, assisting you towards peaceful sleep. A combination of celery, lemon, and watercress and romaine lettuce will provide your body with:

  • Essential oils which sooth the nervous system
  • High levels of magnesium to relax your muscles
  • Inositol to calm anxiety and enhance REM

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With pumped up mornings, energised afternoons and restful evenings ahead, you and your family can feel more stimulated in your day-to-day activities than ever before. With your Breville juicer at hand, all that’s left to say is: Look out world!

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