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1Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit, be healthy or live more simply, a daily dose of liquid gold is the perfect way to kick start 2017. (If you’re wondering what liquid gold is, the answer is wholesome and delicious juices and smoothies, made at home in a matter of minutes.)

The juicing and blending trend has taken SA by storm, and it certainly gets our vote. Both options are quick, healthy and something the whole family can enjoy. There is endless debate around which side to take, so before you invest in a new juicer or blender, read on to find out which one will suit your lifestyle best. We stock Breville, Kenwood, KitchenAid, Nutribullet and Smeg appliances – so there really is something for everyone!

2First up, let’s unpack the differences between the two. Juicing extracts water and nutrients from fruit and vegetables and discards the indigestible fibre; whereas blending incorporates the entire fruit or vegetable and retains fibre.

A basic green juice is likely to include kale or spinach, celery, apple, lemon and ginger. If you think about how often you eat all those veggies in one day, you’ll start to realise why juices are so popular! It’s such a quick and efficient way to dose up on all the good stuff. Have a look at the DNA cold press juicer that was R3 499 and is now on promotion for R2 999 or the Nutribullet juice blender that usually costs R1 999 and now goes for R1 799.

3Other great additions on the green list include cucumber, kiwi fruit, pear, mint and parsley. When you’re ready to branch out, try adding beetroot, carrots, oranges and/ or pineapple.

Tip: keep the amount of fruit in each juice to a minimum, as it tends to have higher sugar content than vegetables.

When it comes to blending, the options are endless. Add in creamier fruits such as banana, avocado and paw paw to get that velvety consistency, and bulk it up with nuts, seeds, milk or yoghurt.

Tip: add hemp powder or protein powder to keep you fuller for longer.

One of our all-time favourites is a peanut power smoothie:

1 frozen banana

½ cup blueberries

½ cup full cream yoghurt

½ cup milk, almond milk or coconut water

2 tbsp. peanut butter

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. flax seeds

3 – 4 cubes of ice

If you’re torn between the two we have good news for you; the Breville Juice and Blend appliance offers the best of both worlds. Have a juice one day, a smoothie the next, and use it to concoct colourful cocktails at the weekend too! You can now get R500 off the Breville Juice & Blend plus free gifts to the value of R487 before 8 February when adding the Baccarat Anti Bacterial chopping board set/2 + 2 x Wusthoff paring knives to your bag. Use the voucher code ‘health’ at checkout.

Whatever appliance you decide on, be sure to stock up on all the right ingredients from the word go and make juicing or blending a part of your daily routine in 2017.

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