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A knife is a knife is a knife, right? It’s easy to fall into the one knife fits all mentality but once you start using your kitchen knives as they are designed to be used you will notice the difference it makes to your cooking and efficiency in the kitchen. And you will start to feel like a real chef.

Get to know your knives here with a short guide to your kitchen’s most common and essential knives and their primary uses.

Paring knife

Short knife with a blade of between 2-4 inches.

Allows for greater control than a larger knife.

Use for small, intricate tasks such as peeling and slicing fruits.







Chef’s knife

Larger, all-purpose knife with a broad 8-14 inch blade.

The quintessential kitchen knife for general tasks such as dicing, fine chopping.

Use for fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.







Utility knife

Medium-sized all-purpose knife, with a blade generally 6-8 inches long.

Perfect for common, everyday kitchen functions.

Use for cutting cheese, chopping fruit and vegetables and slicing fish.







Carving and slicing knives

Long blade and pointed tips for cleaner cuts.

Thin and sharp, perfect for cutting large pieces of meat into clean, even slices.

Use for slicing and carving cooked meats.







Santoku knife

Full tang Japanese stainless steel blade, lightweight and well-balanced grip.

Lighter for less hand strain and quicker, more efficient cutting.

Use for chopping, cutting, dicing and mincing. Great for thin slicing.








Single or double curved blade with a handle on each end.

Ergonomic design for quick, efficient chopping.

Use for chopping herbs, garlic, chilli and vegetables.

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