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Spring is all about starting fresh, opening up and updating your home space after a winter spent wrapped up and under cover.

While you do want to be lightening on heavy layers and colours for the change of season, spring is also a time of temperature fluctuation so layers are still necessary, especially for your sleep space.

Make the transition effortless and light with soft spring layering. Choose light and pastel colours that create a light, fresh mood. Layering white on white sheeting and duvet covers gives your bed a soft, clean look.

Add natural materials and textures to celebrate the new season. Linens, light wools, and organic cottons will make your space feel spring right and open up your room to the new warmth coming in. A simple change to sheer curtains will allow the early morning light, and excitement of spring, in.

Select a few items of greenery for a subtle welcome to nature. Faux botanicals look just as good without the seasonal hayfever effect. Look for scatters with nature inspired prints.

The final touch for your spring sleep sanctuary is a beautiful, fresh home fragrance. Think invigorating, clean scents of citrus with light floral notes. The Naturals range of Forest, River, Alpine and Coast are perfect for opening up your space to nature.

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