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There’s lots of talk at the moment about going natural. But how does this all natural trend translate into the home? Turning your home into a naturally beautiful haven is easy with just a few simple tweaks and additions.

Something to remember in all that you do: keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it grounded.

Choose natural colours

Natural shades like Plascon’s Mosaic, off-whites and pumice lay a firm foundation for a natural palette in your home. Keep your walls simple and clean and add tone with some darker natural hues with your carpets, cushions and throws.

This hide carpet combines a beautifully natural palette of naturals in one piece. An Adler bed sets the tone for an organically calm sleep space.

Using natural materials

Choose your furniture to be as close to nature as possible with strong, natural materials such as wood or bamboo. There are some stunning natural and durable materials to choose from to give your home an organic edge from 100% cottons to wickers and other woven grasses.

Make a statement with a strong wooden piece like the Fossil coffee table or this Mundra coffee table for something more organic in shape.

Add a few finishing touches in natural wools with this brown wool carpet or a table lamp with natural flair like this natural and white lamp set

Think natural textures

Chunky knit cushions and textured glass give your home more depth. Choose a talking piece like the Malawian chair or complement your natural style with a few small décor items like this woven cotton basket. This plain glass vase gets a simple yet highly effective natural update with some natural jute texture.

Finally stock your kitchen full of organic and natural ingredients and a few healthy cookware choices like the Dr Green range for full natural goodness

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