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As the homeware experts, @home strives to bring you the best selection of quality, trusted brands, which is why we chose to offer you a carefully curated range of Breville appliances.

The Breville name is synonymous with sleek and stylish home appliances, available in over 50 countries worldwide. This Australian brand delivers modern design and high performance with must-have appliances from stainless steel coffee machines, blenders, juicers and other essential kitchen appliances. 

The Breville Story

Breville has a long history of enriching people’s lives through food and cooking technology. The company was founded as a radio brand by two young Australian entrepreneurs Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville in 1932, who moved on to making small kitchen appliances. The brand was so successful that in many places a toasted sandwich is referred to as a ‘Breville’ – thanks to the first scissor action sandwich maker invested by the brand. 

Over the decades Breville has grown with changing lifestyles and evolving technologies to become an iconic brand and household name. Design and innovation have always underpinned this success. Today Breville still inspires its customers worldwide with innovative juicers, processors and unique kitchen appliances.

But like a true Australian, Breville remains grounded despite its global success. With their customers guiding every new product developed, they are proof that some companies do still listen to what their customers need.

The Breville Benefit

When choosing a premium appliance, people often ask themselves, is Breville worth it? We say yes, and here’s why. 

  1. Established & well-known 

Breville has been producing high-quality products for years and has become known and trusted for producing durable products that can withstand wear and tear. 

  1. Category leader

Breville is a category leader in appliances. It is one of the most popular juicer manufacturers and was one of the first companies to manufacture centrifugal juicers and the first to produce scissor-action sandwich presses.

  1. Beautiful design 

Breville designs are classic and sleek in their aesthetic. 

  1. Made to last

The materials used in making their products are high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic parts, which means their products will last for years without breaking down or wearing out.

  1. Product support

Breville offer a wealth of resources on how best to use their products. The YouTube channel for Breville is full of instructional videos

Does Breville have a warranty?

When you buy Breville from @home, you can rest assured, should you experience an issue with your appliance, that it carries a 1-year warranty. 

Stand out appliances: 

Breville Coffee Machines

Breville takes coffee seriously. Breville coffee machines don’t mess around when it comes to the perfect cup. High-quality materials and powerful motors mean your homemade cup is as good as it gets. 

Shop Breville Coffee Machines> 

Read all about Breville coffee machines, comparisons and reviews here> 

Breville Toasters & Breville Sandwich Press

The Breville brand was built on its famous toasted sandwich machine, so you can’t go wrong with a toaster or sandwich press. 

Breville Blenders & Breville Juicers

Breville’s range of blenders and juicers makes leading a healthy lifestyle filled with quality home-cooked meals and highly nutritious shakes and juices easy. 

Whichever Breville appliance you choose, you can expect top performance and world-class design in every piece. 

Get busy in the kitchen with your new Breville Appliance

Recipe – Pea and leek soup.

Recipe – Berry, beet and ginger juice.


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