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You shouldn’t need a reason to stay in bed all day. Sometimes it’s just the best place to be. Whether you take a sneaky mid week duvet day off or plan a lazy lie in over the weekend, with a little planning you can turn your bedroom into the perfect retreat.

Inners for your inner wealth

While your duvet inner affects the quality sleep you have, the right one can also make your duvet day absolute bliss. A granny goose duck down inner will hold you snug under the covers while the rest of the world fades away. Or if you choose a summer day indoors, a lightweight bamboo inner will keep you cool while still cuddling your senses.

Cosy up with blankets and lots of pillows

Even if you don’t want to stay under your duvet all day, a lightweight throw or cosy blanket will make you feel spoiled after on your day off. Just be warned, make your bed too comfy and you may be sharing your space with the cat!

Your duvet day spread

You’re not taking the day off with a bad flu or food poisoning so you are definitely going to want to eat. Round up all the snacks and treats you love on a serving board or tray so that you can snack all day long, without any guilt.

Make an occasion of it and create a cheese and pastry board with this wooden serving board. Or fill this serving tray with a selection of goodies from breakfast eggs, fresh chopped fruit and bar of chocolate for later.

You probably won’t be sleeping all day and this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favourite series or finally finish that book. This laptop tray will keep your laptop stable on the bed while you dive in to season 10, episodes 1 to end. Love to read but your arms get tired? Use this tablet recipe stand for your book, eReader or tablet.

Most importantly, coffee in bed

One of the best things about duvet days is that first sip of coffee from the comfort of your bed, knowing that everyone else is out there working.

A French press is perfect for fresh coffee next to your bed. Enjoy it from your favourite mug. If you like your coffee strong and hot, you can make your barista grade cappuccino or espresso in your Breville Café Venezia and fill your flask for all day coffee pleasure.

Now you are ready to take some, very important, time out for yourself. Switch off your phone if you dare, and enjoy just being.

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