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Trying to plan the perfect romantic moment can be difficult when all of a sudden all you can think of are the same old clichés. It’s time to ditch those clichés and find the personal in moments made to share.

The cliché: breakfast brought to you in bed

Make it yours: Brunch in bed

Waking up to a lovingly prepared breakfast tray is so last decade. You and your partner prefer to spend your mornings together. Opt for a lazy lie-in – your Egyptian cotton covers make it that much more appealing – moving through to the kitchen when you are ready. Enjoy a lazy brunch in your pyjamas. The day will just have to wait!

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The cliché: Picnicking on a blanket

Make it yours: Picnic anywhere

While everyone else is vying for their blanket sized space on the beach or in the park, you have decided to take your picnic home. Make your picnic more personal and create the perfect little private nook for just the two of you in your favourite spot, it could be in the garden, on the balcony or even in the middle of the living room.

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The cliché: A meal under the stars

Make it yours: Alfresco with a view

It’s true, eating alfresco under the stars is super romantic but whether you are sharing those stars with other diners or just your significant other is entirely up to you. Make your alfresco meal that extra bit more special by choosing a private location for two. And why not cook it in the open too? You can sip on chilled wine and enjoy the views while something delicious simmers on the coals.

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The cliché: The candlelit dinner

Make it yours: Dinner you cooked together

Say no to the set menu and being ushered out to make room for the second sitting. Plan your perfect romantic dinner at home. Pop open a bottle of wine (corkage is free), press play on your carefully selected playlist and get busy cooking. There is nothing more intimate than sharing a meal that you have cooked together.

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