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Vanilla ice cream (store-bought)

8 Peaches (pitted and cut into halves)

1 Cup toasted coconut

1 Cup brown sugar

1⁄2Cup heavy cream

80g Butter

1Tsp salt to taste or your liking


In a griddle pan, char the peaches until you get beautiful griddle marks. Set aside and get going with the caramel sauce.

In a nonstick pan at medium heat add sugar – try to make sure it’s as even as possible. The sugar will begin to melt, use a wooden spoon or rubber spatula to stir. Once melted add the milk, it caramel will begin to bubble and form. Keep stirring, once settled, add the butter and stir. Finish off with salt and gently fold in.

Serve the charred peaches, with ice cream, toasted coconut and drizzle the salted caramel.

Lorna’s Tip

Do not stir the caramel or add cream before the sugar has completely dissolved as it will crystallise.

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Lorna Maseko is an international celebrity chef, seasoned traveller, entrepreneur, and an esteemed media personality with her own TV show “The Hostess”, which has aired for two successful seasons. Lorna loves to create bespoke and experiental moments, with flavour, flair and fabulousness.

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