Lorna’s Whole Fish Stuffed with Couscous, Chorizo & Peppers

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Here is a recipe that is as healthy as it is delicious. Serving 4, this is the perfect mid-week dinner recipe too.


1 Whole white fish – deboned & butterflied (leave the head and tail)

1 Cup couscous

1 1/2 Cups of hot water

150g Chopped chorizo

1 Red pepper

1 Yellow pepper

1 Green pepper

Salt and pepper to season

1 Cup white wine

Juice of 1 lemon and zest

 Knorr chicken cube

A handful of fresh chopped Parsley

80g Butter

Fresh dill to garnish


In a pot, melt butter then add roughly chopped chorizo and cook until soft.  Add couscous and toast until lightly brown. Add water and allow the couscous to be fully absorbed.In a bowl mix the peppers with the couscous and chorizo and finish off by seasoning to your liking.

To prepare the peppers, place them on a gas stove until the skin is charred black on all sides or grill in the oven. Remove them from the flames of the gas stove and allow them to cool. Once cool remove the skin and chop into julienne size.

To get going with the fish, score the skin of the fish on both sides, place on a tray and stuff with the couscous, chorizo and peppers mixture. Using string, tie it up and season. Place in the oven or braai for about 40mins. Keep the leftover couscous mixture to place on the serving plate.

To make the sauce, place the juices from the fish in a saucepan, add white, lemon juice and zest, chicken cube and bring to a gentle simmer. Lower heat and add butter and stir. Finish off with parsley and season with salt and pepper to taste.

To plate, place the remaining couscous mixture on a plate, then place the whole fish and lastly garnish with dill. Serve with the lemon butter sauce.

Lorna’s Tip:

If a match stick inserted into the flesh of the fish goes in without resistance, the fish should be cooked.

Lorna Maseko is an international celebrity chef, seasoned traveller, entrepreneur, and an esteemed media personality with her own TV show “The Hostess”, which has aired for two successful seasons. Lorna loves to create bespoke and experiental moments, with flavour, flair and fabulousness.

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