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Home is more than just the walls and furniture in it. It is the people who live there and the values, ideas and stories they bring.

Add some of your own stories of hope, support and community to your home by choosing products that grow our local small businesses and give something back to local communities and development initiatives.

Supporting local industries

Buying local doesn’t only mean you get great SA design and workmanship for your home but it has a huge impact on local business. And when we support local business we support the local families that have jobs and an income from this business.

Get your new couch custom made with our Capri made-to-order programme. Or choose a few modular pieces from our Bolia range to suit your space and your lifestyle. If you’re looking for natural look furniture that is made locally our Euro range of pedestals and drawer units fits the bill.

Add a few locally made textiles to your cupboards like these essential ribbed towels, or choose local craft design with a few Craft bowls for the table.

We hope you feel the same sense of pride as we do in supporting and growing local industries, like this success story from Rialheim.

Choosing products that help others to help themselves

It’s time we went back to the values of helping the people around us. They form part of our community and a happy community is the foundation of a happy home.

There are plenty of great initiatives to support and many ways to do this, from donating money to giving some of your time.

As a business we love it when we find great products for the home that also give us the chance to make a difference.

Like our African Luxe range for bath and body. Each product is hand poured and packed by previously disadvantaged people allowing them to improve their lives.

These gorgeous picnic coolers have been handmade in the “Hands of Hope” skilled development project. The hands that made each one were once used for illegal activities. By buying one of these for yourself you are helping these women to turn their hands to honest work and break the cycle of crime and poverty in their community.

Help us protect our wildlife while enjoying your daily cup of coffee. We donate R5 from every bag of Chipembere coffee to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, helping to protect the precious Rhino population from poaching.

There is a movement towards more conscious consumerism, we can all be part of it. We look forward to creating more opportunities to make a difference going forward.

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