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From a range of up and coming local artisans, confectioner and food and drink entrepreneurs comes  a range of exciting and flavoursome local oils, rubs, honeys, mayos, nougats and more, a treat to your proudly South African taste buds.  


Multiple award-winning 100% extra virgin olive oil

Produced from hand-picked olives on the Rio Largo estate in the Western Cape. Once you have tasted the difference, you won’t want anything else.

After spending 20 years in Central Africa, Nick and Brenda Wilkinson decided to come home and within one year of buying the Rio Largo estate had produced an award-winning olive oil. Needless to say, Rio Largo is produced with passion.


A union of local flavour and heritage European truffle

Flavour Union brings premium luxury salt, honey and mayonnaise to the table, handcrafted in Cape Town and flavoured with authentic truffles sourced in Italy.

After years in Europe working with truffles and gourmet food products, it was felt that all this flavour definitely needed to be brought home. Working with the best suppliers and with the support of the local market, Flavour Union has been the first to produce truffle products in SA.

Flavour Union also supplies the finest and rarest of indigenous and exotic honeys sourced from the Western Cape as well as the rest of South Africa.


Quality and tradition.

From this local Quality Cured Meats factory comes a range of prized meat rubs, salts and relishes to enhance the flavour of any meal.


1701 Honey Nougat is an experience like no other. With fine attention to detail and unwavering respect to the original recipe, developed in Montelimar, France in 1701, 1701 Honey Nougat is 100% handcrafted, taking pride in the process and using nothing but the finest natural, preservative-free ingredients available.


Ma Mere is a collection of gourmet, home made, outrageously delicious nougats and Turkish delights. 

The processes used in making these sweets are not dissimilar to those our mothers’ used.

“Naturally our treats are all delicious and generally gobbled down all in one go but they also contain   an element of nostalgia that, we think, really sweetens the old heart strings.”

The Ma Mere factory places a large emphasis on staff growth and empowerment. Staff members start at the bottom as unskilled confectioners. Slowly they work their way up through every section in the factory, until they are fully qualified in their position.


The Cape Floral Kingdom’s diverse flora, sourced from wild and sustainably farmed plants is brought together with delicate handling and precision to produce these botanically-spirited drinks.

Symmetry Botanical Tonic Essences are naturally produced in their true concentrated form; Made from real plants, cinchona bark and no preservatives or additives, they have a quarter of the sugar content of regular tonic or any soda for that matter. Not just mixers, each formula is designed to be appreciated on its own as a subtle nonalcoholic drink: neither sweet, nor too bitter. The olio of botanicals finds balance between subtle sweetness, noble bitters and complex aromatics.

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