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As part of our focus on supporting local business where we can, all of our Egyptian cotton bedding is manufactured locally in the Western Cape.

373 Female employees working as machinists, spreaders, cutters, folders and production supervisors, ensuring the best quality finished product gets to you.

81% of female staff are the breadwinners for their immediate and extended families.

In a community where numerous challenges are part of daily life, the opportunity of employment means helping families and communities keep children in school and away from gangs and drugs, food on the table and support for the elderly and vulnerable.

Extended positive effect on the community

Employment means so much more than just one person’s salary. The women working at our supplier’s factory are a valuable source of support, often welcoming abandoned children into their homes, supplying food to the communities in the form of soup kitchens and food parcels and basic assistance in their homes.

“To me it’s a blessing to share whatever I can” C. Brown (machinist)

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