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mothersdayAppreciating and spoiling your mom is the order of the day on Mother’s Day. Gifting her with something that will make her feel special and allow her to put her feet up, will go a long way in showing her just how much you care.

We have a selection of luxurious gifts that will surely do the trick, with some creative ideas on how to go one step further and turn your gift into a special moment with your mom.

If you’re with your mom on Mother’s Day, plan a special day of activities. Getting to lie-in late, is rarely a reality in any mother’s life. Plan a surprise ‘breakfast in bed’, followed by one uninterrupted hour of relaxation, and inform the rest of the household so that everyone is in on the surprise.

Have everything ready the night before so that preparations are seamless and stress-free. If there is a particular kitchen appliance or accessory she’s been wanting, why not make that her gift and use it to prepare her breakfast? * Make her feel like a queen by serving her favourite breakfast on a beautifully set tray. Surprise her with a special tea or coffee set to make it different from her everyday routine – we love these feminine vintage tea cups. Add a personal touch by picking a rose from the garden and putting it in a small vase.  Round it off with her favourite magazine or new book she’s been meaning to purchase.

Other pamper items you might want to include:

After she’s had at least one hour of uninterrupted relaxation, curl up in bed with her and surprise her with a selection of childhood photographs of you and her (you can even make her a digital slideshow with music, or keep it old school with a simple photo album or framed photos).

If you’re not great with expressing yourself, make time the day before to write her a heartfelt card, listing 5 things you appreciate and love about her, or highlighting a key childhood memory that will always stay with you.

If you’re not able to be with your mom on Mother’s Day, there is no reason you can’t still make her feel like royalty. Browse our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and have your selection of spoil products sent to her via the reliable @home delivery service. Why not ask the help of a family member and have Skype set-up so that you can chat to her while she is relaxing in bed?

In the end, it is ultimately the thought that counts. Whatever you do, show your mom that you know her and appreciate her for the unique woman that she is by choosing a gift that compliments and celebrates her as an individual. And be sure to spend some quality one-on-one time with her, doing something the two of you have always enjoyed together.

* If you’ve bought her a new kitchen appliance for Mother’s Day, why not find a delicious recipe that require the use of your gift, buy all the ingredients in advance, and make it a moment by preparing lunch together (making sure you do the bulk of the work).


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