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1Whether you’re hosting an elaborate Christmas dinner, having family to stay, or just prepping for the usual stream of visitors over the festive season, chances are high that you will be short on space! Here are four creative ways to maximise storage space without compromising on style:

De-clutter your living space

Coffee tables and counter tops are prone to becoming buried under stacks of papers, books, coffee cups and an eclectic mix of all sorts of other things. Start by clearing every surface completely – and make four piles as you go: keep, recycle, give away and throw away. Stack magazines and books neatly in this cork magazine holder and place it in a corner out the way. If you’re short of beds, take your pick from one of six stylish sleeper couches available at @home.

2Clean out your kitchen

Throw away expired jars, spices and other consumables that are just taking up space. Invest in clever storage solutions to free up counter space, such as a Bamboo spice rack to store all the herbs and spices you use regularly. Also stock up on flip tite canisters and other handy containers for leftovers and treats that are bound to pile up over the next few weeks!

Create space for guests

A few thoughtful touches can make the world of difference to ensure your guests feel at home from the minute they arrive. A Moroccan inspired bathroom storage shelf is ideal for their toiletries, especially if you have limited space in your guest bathroom.

3Another lovely idea is to add a pretty cut out wood box to their bedside table for jewellery, make up or keys. Place it next to a vase of freshly cut flowers and the room will look homely and welcoming in no time.

Prepare for presents

If Father Christmas is paying you a visit, make sure you have an empty dustbin handy for all the wrapping paper, and something to store all your new gifts in. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful Ngwema weave basket, handwoven in Malawi.

Once you’ve ticked these storage solutions off your list you’ll have space to add a few festive trims to your house and start wrapping up those gifts for your friends and family. Don’t forget to sit back, soak up the festive ambience and tuck in to a mince pie or two before the happy chaos kicks off!

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