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18019862Luxury fragrance oil diffusers from Max Benjamin have been lovingly designed, created and hand-made in their artisan studios in Ireland using only natural ingredients.

Named after the sons, Max and Ben, of founder Orla, this Irish company is run by two brothers Mark and David van den Bergh. They have been producing high quality candles since the early 1990s.

The collection has evolved over the years to now include 17 fragrances of luxury natural wax candles as well as fragrance diffusers and a hand and body care range.

The Fragrances


White Pomegranate (fruit):

Fresh pomegranate with exotic rosebud bring warmth and sensuality to this romantic and relaxing aroma.

Lemongrass and Ginger (citrus):

This fragrance has an uplifting blend of oils to liven your spirits and refresh and invigorate the mood of a room.

Mimosa and Sweet Amber (floral):

A fragrance infused with delicate mimosa and soothing sweet amber for a calm and relaxed environment.

French Linen Water (floral):

18023783A soft floral aroma including lavender and sweet orange for a clean and soothing fragrance.

Tahitian Vanilla (fruit; woody):

Tahitian vanilla grows in the islands of French Polynesia. Its fragrance is light and sweet and consists of soft floral notes with hints of ripe fruit.

The Tea Collection

Lime Flower and Lavender Tea (fruit; floral):

The perfect fragrance for alone time spent unwinding.

18023775_01Soothing and relaxing with top notes of rose, orange and artemesia on a gentle bed of jasmine.

Assam and Lemon Tea (citrus): 

Enjoy with a cup of tea. This refreshing diffuser fragrance has top notes of bergamot, mandarin and lime to refresh and enliven your room and spirits.

Serene Jasmine Tea (floral):

A tea diffuser to calm the mind and allow the day to gently float by. Top notes of rosebud, gardenia and violet encourages a relaxing and calm ambience in the home.

Rooibos Tea (fruit; herb):

An uplifting scent for the hall, kitchen or living room. This is a sweet smelling herbal infusion from our famous Rooibos of the Western Cape.

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