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Lesego Maloka, is a creative, modern African textile designer on a mission to spark joy through colour and heritage.

Specialising in jacquard woven textiles that express their African identity through traditional designs, Pone Creatives is devoted to keeping the heritage of African textiles alive while improving lives through local employment.

Watching her late grandmother work as a seamstress and knitter sparked an interest in fabric at a very young age. A colourful, eclectic home put together by her mother using beautiful homeware linen furthered this curiosity and creativity, culminating in Lesego completing her interior design studies and experimenting with her own African inspired, modern fabric designs.

Deeply rooted in her mother’s and grandmother’s influences, the brand Pone Creatives was born. Today Lesego specialises in jacquard textile weaving to create colourful, heritage loving homes.

Very passionate about the new range she has designed in collaboration with @home, Lesego feels it is here mission to prolong and revitalise the textile industry in South Africa.  African textiles have always been rooted in culture, expressing a rich heritage and identity. Lesego is proud to share the heritage of textile, handmade by African generations

As an ambassador for her African heritage and traditional designs, shown in a contemporary “new cool meets traditional” kind of way, Lesego and Pone Creatives is also touching and improving lives by providing local employment.

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