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With designs so timeless and an appeal that has spanned decades, Mid-Century Modern is proving to still be the go-to style for most modern homes. 

Blame their lasting appeal on their clean, minimalist lines or highly adapatable nature, but we just can’t get enough of these Mid-Century Modern pieces.

Sleek lines and designs that are made to fit neatly into smaller spaces, every home should have at least one such piece in the home.

The key to choosing which Mid-Century Modern is right for your space is to first understand a few of these basic principles.

1. Less is more

Mid-Century Modern’s main philosophy is undeniably “less is more”. It is a style that is highly adaptable with each piece fitting in well in a minimal or smaller home. There is something quite timeless about the uncluttered lines and simple silhouettes, perfect for smaller inner city spaces. It’s about having less stuff, less clutter and more space to breathe.

Choose your pieces wisely to fit in with this principle. A single gorgeous media unit like the Tamara can make a big statement in your living space.

A Retro wooden chair like this one coupled with a Saigon side table doesn’t take up a lot of room but has a strong effect.

2. Fit in not refit

Mid-Century Modern inspired furniture is made to be versatile, fitting into almost any setting without having to rethink or redo the entire room. The style works much better when you mix and match a couple of unique pieces rather than kitting out your living room wall to wall with Mid-Century Modern. That means you can keep your current furniture or décor and just add a beautiful statement piece for a fresh look. Start small as with these Sussex dining chairs added to your current dining table or a Mid Century Pedestal in either white or black to fit in with your current bedroom style.

At the end of the day, it’s about keeping things simple and working with what you have.

3. It’s all about the silhouette

Slender frames, skinny legs and a low silhouette, these are the most noticeable traits of this lasting style. Light materials feature such as woods and a colour palette that includes a few bright colours amongst the natural whites and woods. The feeling is casual which is why these pieces tend to fit in so well with contemporary living and attitudes.

It’s all about the silhouettes. These are seen in the low, clean lines of a sideboard, the solid, straight up sofas on skinny legs and arching floor lamps.

Enhance the silhouette of your space with a few classic pieces like this Norman Relax chair, Waltz side table or Kara dining table.

4. Function trumps all

The real beauty of Mid Century Modern is that each piece is designed first for its function. The movement’s guiding principles were always that furniture should be simple, informal, functional and fuss-free. These pieces were made to be lived with and that’s why they still have such appeal today.

The Tamara console is an elegant choice for a small entranceway or lounge dining area. The Alisa sleeper couch is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect for the smaller apartment of a sociable couple.

The rich, refined looks of our Clarins range

If you’re looking to Mid Century Modern but with a richer feel, our Clarins furniture range is as stylish as it is practical. Crafted from solid acacia wood in a walnut colour finish, the slatted silhouette of this bed, pedestal and drawers bring a touch of refinement to your home while still celebrating the timelessness of Mid Century Modern.

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