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This is the season to dive right into cosy living, surrounding yourself with soft blankets and plush, comforting couches and beds. The cold weather brings the bonus of some much-needed, guilt free and blissful nesting.

Make time for mindful moments

Even the cosiest space isn’t going to do its job if you don’t take the time to enjoy it. Book out time for rest in your calendar and set aside a dedicated space. Quiet moments can take many forms from a 5-minute meditation to reading a favourite book, writing down your thoughts or dreams or listening to music. But these moments become mindful when you do them without any other distractions.

Create the space you need to feel good

Now that you have made the time, you can start to get your space ready for the ultimate nesting experience.

For the person who loves to dive under the covers for comfort, layer your bed with fluffy down feather inners or this new, equally fluffy, down alternative from Granny Goose. Then add winter brushed cotton covers or if you prefer a silkier feel, luxury Egyptian cotton. Finally, a large faux fur throw or plush velvet quilt will feel like an especially snuggly treat to your senses. An electric diffuser filled with a soft, calming essential oil scent sets the scene for quietude while softer lighting helps keep in this feeling of safety and reassurance.

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Cosy couches and armchairs can be the best place to be for some essential me-time. Choose a couch that is big enough to spread out on or with padded upholstery for some extra comfort. An occasional chair with a high back and curved arms can feel like a warm embrace. If it is quiet you need, find a cosy corner or nook that can be just your own and then you can set it up as you wish, ready for you whenever you need it.

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A calm home helps clear the mind

While some of our best times at home may be when we forget about the cleaning and spend a weekend in a blissful state of disarray, in general a clean, clutter free space makes it easier to fully let go and relax. Beautiful natural storage baskets and quiet acrylic smart storage solutions from The Home Edit and our Simply Stored ranges are possibly the most satisfying thing to happen to your home, and your state of mind. Sort out your space in one go, and then get ready to just let go.  

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Need a hug? Snuggly extras to have on hand

Somedays you need something a bit extra. An exquisitely scented candle, a favourite plant or extra fluffy and plush blanket can make all the difference to how you feel. Storage baskets and leaning shelves are great for storing your nesting essentials when you are not using them.

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