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In today’s busy world we need to set aside time to reconnect with ourselves. This daily practice of mindfulness will help keep you calm and centred through all situations. Make a firm commitment to giving yourself the quiet time you need by curating your own mindful space, filled with the things that keep you relaxed and happy. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

The quiet nook

Find a corner that you can make your own. Set it up with a favourite comfy chair and perhaps a stool or ottoman so you can put your feet up. A small side table or pedestal is perfect for keeping that book you are reading, and loving, right now. Don’t forget to leave a light throw, or snuggly faux fur, draped over the back of your chair for quiet, comfy times with yourself.  Perfect for the parent who needs a recharge.

The tea terrace

Nothing calms the mind and revitalizes the body more than the outdoors and fresh air. Set up your sanctuary in the garden or veranda. Keep it mobile so you can choose the best spot to enjoy your surroundings on a daily basis.

No tea lover’s sanctuary would be complete without the right teapots, pretty cups and your favourite selection of herbal and floral teas.

The meditation corner

A daily mindfulness practice can give you the boost you need to get through the day. Whether you already have a meditation or yoga practice or just need somewhere to quieten your mind with a few minutes of rest, you want to create a setting that is both peaceful and beautiful. Keep it simple with a large scatter cushion or two to sit on. A throw or blanket will keep you warm as you sit still. An electric fragrance diffuser ensures just the right amount of calming or invigorating scent of your choosing. Surround yourself with beautiful things like plants or artwork.

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