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A warm welcome home to Mo’s Crib! We’ve searched South Africa for sustainable homeware brands and hit earth-friendly gold with this local home décor design company.

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Who is Mo’s Crib

The sustainable décor brand is home-grown, right here in Pretoria, South Africa – the beautiful brain child of sisters, Mo and Michelle Mokone. The sisters started out in 2016 with Mo’s Crib as a side hustle for both, who at the time, had full time jobs. Working weekends on local craft markets, Mo and Michelle were able to get direct feed back from customers and find out what people were actually coveting for their homes.

After winning several design awards, and much interest from overseas retailers, the sisters were confident that the concept and business model were solid enough for them to focus Mo’s Crib and make it a full-time gig!

Reasons you’ll love Mo’s Crib

Mo and Michelle wanted to create a decorative product that combined traditional production methods and crafting with sustainability principals.

At it’s core, Mo’s Crib is all about:

  • Reusing, recycling and reducing waste.
  • Creating employment opportunities.
  • Preserving traditional skills.
  • Showcasing and cultivating local talent.
  • Create functional, practical and distinctive home décor.
  • Designing timeless pieces that fit seamlessly with any aesthetic.

The Mo’s Crib masterpiece you’ll want for your home.

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Recycled PVC Collection

These incredible hand made baskets and planters are made from old PVC waterpipes that are reclaimed from landfills and building sites around South Africa.

After washing, the pipes are exposed to a small amount of heat which allows them to be expertly cut into strips by skilled artisans. One small section of pipe equals meters of weaving material! Each basket can take up to 7 hours to be made.

Watch how these baskets are made.

The PVC strips are then carefully woven through a sturdy wire frame. The result is a long lasting durable water-safe basket that requires little maintenance indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather.

Add these baskets to your home space as textural art that is multifunctional.

The PVC planters can be used for your plant babies, but also double up as wood, blanket or towel storage.

The versatile Mo’s Crib PVC planter basket.

The bigger laundry baskets take some thing that is traditionally and eye sore and turn it into a functional statement piece.

Mo’s Crib laundry baskets are a work of functional art.

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How to care for your Mo’s Crib PVC basket / planter

It couldn’t be easier – these baskets are made to last.

  • Simply remove dust with a duster or cloth.
  • For more stubborn dirt you can wipe down, hose off or even submerge in the bath,

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